Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system
Bato hydroponic bucket
Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system

Hydroponic Buckets


Expand your system with these single hydroponic bato dutch buckets.

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  • Gray colored buckets to inhibit algae growth while deflecting heat from sun. This bucket comes with a lower white and purple spigot and top black 1/2″ coupler.

  • Removable 6 inch net pot.

  • Adjustable irrigation emitter.

  • Lock fitting 1/2″ irrigation hose couplings for secure connections.

  • Versatile indoors, outdoors and/or greenhouse applications.

  • Year round planting possibilities.

  • Instruction pamphlet and tips.

  • Free surprise gift!

Handcrafted one at a time,
here at Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage.

Design an amazing hydroponic gardening experience.


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