Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system
Ebb and flow buckets for Hydroponic System
Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system
Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system
Bato hydroponic bucket
Hydroponic Ebb and Flow / Dutch Bucket system

Hydroponic Kit


  • Large 17 gallon water reservoir ~ 27″ x 18″ x 13″

  • Gray colored buckets to inhibit algae growth while deflecting heat from sun. These buckets come with a lower white and purple spigot and top black 1/2″ coupler.

  • Removable 6 inch net pots

  • Lock fitting 1/2″ irrigation hose couplings for secure connections

  • Adjustable irrigation emitters

  • Timer for automatic watering schedule

  • Air pump for aeration benefits as well as keeping nutrient solution in a constant fluid motion

  • Robust water pump keeps the system running smoothly

  • Instruction pamphlet with planting tips

  • Versatile indoors, outdoors and/or greenhouse applications

  • Year round planting possibilities

  • Free surprise gift!


Inspired by the Bato/Dutch bucket method for growing vegetables, herbs and fruits hydroponically. This method uses an ebb & flow (flood & drain) design which effectively delivers nutrients to the root system – creating incredible growth possibilities. Ideal for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, pole beans, eggplant, lettuces, chard, arugula, and all vining plants (remember to provide plant supports when needed).

Just add your own irrigation hoses and pipes, hydroponic growing medium, nutrient solution, plants, and outdoor sun or indoor grow lights.

Use this kit as a blueprint to expand and/or design your own ebb and flow system.

Hydroponics system designs

Handcrafted one at a time, here at Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage.

Create an amazing hydroponic gardening experience.


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