Rev. Nazirmoreh
Rev. Nazirmoreh working on the Reverends’ meditation incense burners ~ OM

Since the early 70’s, Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage, affectionately called “The Purple People” by many – due to the color of our purple monastic garments, has been creating and offering unique art crafts. Alongside this web presence, the Monastery offers in service ~ IncenseWorks.EARTH“The Purple People Place” , Purple EcoVillage“, and “Orgone Harmonics“. Under the guidance and direction of the founder, director and spiritual head of Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillageReverend Baba Swami Nazirmoreh (ABRD), the Monastery offers items which support the environment.

In Service… May Peace Manifest on Earth.
Deep Water Hydroponic Indoor Gardening here at the EcoVillage


There are many ways to create hydroponic gardens using such methods as deep water culture and the ebb & flow system. In essence, rather than having dirt rooted plants searching around in the soil for the nutrients they need (which can be a hit or miss operation) –  hydroponic plants receive nutrients directly to their root systems in a timely manner. Also, soil born problems are greatly reduced.
Benefits of Hydroponics by Design Ebb and Flow System:
The plants are less likely to be over or under watered because the system is designed to shut on and off elegantly. The growing medium soaks up the water from above when the timer is on and wicks up the water from below when the timer is off (there is two inches of water in the bottom of each bucket in-between waterings due to the placement of the spigot). A good balance – not too wet, not too dry. And the proper nutrients are always readily available.

Design an amazing hydroponic garden experience.